What We Believe

In a dynamic future, the most resilient individuals will be knowledgeable.  But more importantly, they will be curious, self-directed and globally-minded.  As ISB we nurture these qualities at each stage of development by encouraging children to play: to question, explore, connect with each other, take risks and reflect.  Every young child does these things naturally.  Our goal is to ensure they do it for life.

AS we embark on this journey, we are fortunate to have the help and support of many experts in the fields of education and playful learning. Along with our friends at the LEGO Foundation, we are proud to have working relationships with institutions including Harvard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Tufts University.

ISB's mission statement:

We guide and stimulate children to become ambitious lifelong learners who achieve personal fulfilment and who will make positive contribution to our ever-changing world. We believe this is consistent with the IB mission statement, which focuses on the idea of creating a better world through education.


After completing our online application you will be invited to a placement interview. Read more about our admissions policies here. School fees include compulsory meals. There is free transport from Vejle and Kolding. Students can attend Breakfast Club and After School Club free of charge. Siblings receive a 50% discount.