The Creative Approach of the LEGO Group

Playful learning is characterized by being allowed to immerse ourselves, explore ideas, tinker, make and re-make things.

The LEGO® System was created for that purpose. Over the years, as we continue to focus on children’s imagination, fun and creativity, and as we embrace digital as well as hands-on experiences, the benefits of this playful approach for learning have become ever more evident. And the credit lies in the ingenuity of the LEGO System. Systems are essential for learning because they are used by the mind to generate meaning from an endless onslaught of stimuli. And through systems we channel creativity into ideas or artifacts in a way that can be understood and valued by ourselves and others.

This is what the LEGO Group calls Systematic Creativity.

Systematic Creativity is when you combine logic and reasoning with playfulness and imagination; using LEGO bricks to give form to thoughts and ideas. When the LEGO system is used in a learning environment young people become creative, active and collaborative learners. They take ownership and are self-driven. They express their originality. They also learn from the interpreted experiences of other people as they share their ideas. They learn by reflecting on experiences and discussing how things work and they help each other to learn through the shared language of the brick.


After completing our online application you will be invited to a placement interview. Read more about our admissions policies here. School fees include compulsory meals. There is free transport from Vejle and Kolding. Students can attend Breakfast Club and After School Club free of charge. Siblings receive a 50% discount.