Project Zero, Harvard Graduate School of Education

Much is known about the importance of play in children’s development.  Yet little research has explored what it might mean to put play at the centre of schooling.  What is the relationship between play and playful learning? How do teachers, curricula and a school community create a culture that supports a playful pedagogy?

Together with researchers from Project Zero at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, ISB staff are working to answer exactly these questions as part of an innovative and ongoing participatory research project called Pedagogy of Play (PoP).  The aim of the PoP is not only to challenge the way that educators, families and policy makers think about play and playful learning, but to offer tools and resources for others wishing to bring more playful learning to schools.  

With a philosophy firmly rooted in learning through play, PoP does not represent a drastic change in methodology for ISB.  What it does mean is that ISB teachers now have a unique opportunity to engage with renowned experts in the field of education and become even better at documenting, learning from, and sharing their own playful experiences in the classroom. 

Follow our progress at the PoP homepage.

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Click here for more on Pedagogy of Play, including a full project summary and working papers on methodology and ideas already emerging from the first year of research.