By placing PLAY at the heart of education, ISB stimulates every child’s natural desire to LEARN.


To cultivate a community of lifelong learners who will create a better world with courage, compassion and curiosity.


At ISB we believe play is a core approach to learning…and to life.  Playful people of all ages are actively engaged and driven by an internal desire to understand and reshape the world.  They test the limits of their abilities without fear of failure, knowing that mistakes are the key to progress and, ultimately, success.  They share ideas and make new rules. They laugh.


At ISB we believe that by creating a culture of playful learning—by consciously introducing elements of choice, wonder and delight into the classroom—we are nurturing the qualities that will carry our students not only to their next educational destination, but through life.  No matter the paths they choose, ISB graduates will seek knowledge, take risks and care for one another.  They will play, and they will learn.


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