Welcome to Kindergarten!

WHO: Children ages 3-6, divided by age into K1-K3.  All classes are led by at least one English-speaking and one Danish-speaking educator.  We strive to maintain a teacher to student ratio of 1:7/8, and are considered a grade A institution by the Danish Union of Early Childhood and Youth Educators in terms of physical space per child.

WHAT: When visitors walk through the doors of ISB’s Kindergarten, the first thing they comment on (aside from the indoor swirly slide) is how much FUN everyone seems to be having.  In Denmark, there is a strong cultural belief that Kindergarten should be a time for learning through play.  At ISB we take that philosophy (which is, after all, the basis of everything we do) and combine it with the robust transdisciplinary framework of the International Baccalaureate’s Primary Years Programme (PYP).  It’s the best of both worlds.  And, yes…we do have a lot of fun.

WHEN: The Kindergarten school day runs from 8:00-14:00.  For more detailed class schedules and information about our Breakfast and After School Clubs, please see Schedules and Calendars.

WHERE: One glance, and it’s pretty clear that our architects had a good time designing the ISB Kindergarten.  Here you’ll find (among other things) an indoor treehouse, secret underground stashes of LEGO, puppet theaters, dress-ups galore, a kid-sized culinary workspace, tinker tables, reading nooks, a playground with plenty of space to run, climb and pedal…and did we mention the indoor swirly slide?  

This is an approximation of a Kindergarten day. For a complete, updated schedule please see Schedules and Calendars.