Welcome to Middle School!

WHO: Children ages 11-16, divided by age into M6-M10.  We currently have students in grades M6-M9. English is the language of instruction, though students also study Danish and one additional language.

WHAT: In ISB’s Middle School the day is divided by subject, but with a strong focus on playful and interdisciplinary learning.  Students may incorporate elements of Design into Science, or Music into Individuals and Societies. For a printable overview of the IB Middle Years Programme, click here

And then what? The Danish Ministry of Education has prepared this useful guide to the educational options available after completion of the MYP.

WHEN: The Middle School day runs from 8:00 to 15:45 (15:00 on Fridays). For more detailed class schedules and information about our Breakfast and After School Clubs, please see Schedules and Calendars.

WHERE: In August 2016 the Middle School moved to a brand new wing of our renovated facility. Each subject is given a dedicated space, with students moving among classrooms during the day. In all subjects we strive to make learning as hands-on as possible.  Especially in Middle School, the Creator Space is our students’ playground…along with the actual playground, which has been designed with older students in mind.

This is an approximation of a Middle School day. For a complete, updated schedule please see Schedules and Calendars.