Welcome to Primary School!

WHO: Children ages 6-11, divided by age into P1-P5. English is the language of instruction, though all Primary students have 45 minutes of Danish on most days.  We strive to keep our classes to about 20 students.  Each class is led by a homeroom teacher and teaching assistant. 

WHAT: At ISB, playful learning is no joke (though it may involve a few). The IB’s Primary Years Programme provides an educational framework that is robust, inquiry-driven and flexible enough to make learning through play a reality.

WHEN: Primary’s school day runs from 8:00-14:00 (until 15:00 for some grades on some days). For more detailed class schedules and information about our Breakfast and After School Clubs, please see Schedules and Calendars.

WHERE: At ISB we pride ourselves on maintaining a learning environment that fosters community and creativity.  Our classrooms are light and airy, with large sliding doors that allow for an easy transition between classroom and community learning.  The Primary playground is expansive, including a climbing element that enables students to travel 40 meters without touching the ground.  

This is an approximation of a Primary day.  For a complete, updated schedule please see Schedules and Calendars.