Pictures of Practice

The following essays, or "Pictures of Practice," offer in-depth illustrations of what a pedagogy of play looks like in action, from the classroom to the playground, to school-wide rituals and the adult learning community. Please click on the links below to learn more.


With a goal of understanding, articulating, and advocating for the role of play in learning and schools, the Pedagogy of Play research team has been engaging in a program of participatory research in collaboration with faculty, staff, and children at ISB. While the research is still very much in process, we take this opportunity to share two working papers that highlight some emergent findings and hypotheses. The first, Towards a Pedagogy of Play, situates the research in the fields of play and learning and presents promising theories around the objective and subjective nature of learning through play and the forces that shape those experiences. The companion paper, Playful Participatory Research, explores a new model of collaborative research and takes a deeper dive into the work with ISB.