This Playbook was made possible thanks to many, many hands and minds. We take this opportunity to appreciate the people who contributed ideas, content, and feedback at many stages throughout this production. 


First and foremost, this endeavor would not have come to fruition (nor would it have been as much fun to produce) without the input from ISB leadership, faculty, staff, and families. Contributions came at various levels and from all stakeholders. Teachers, assistants, administrators, support staff, students, and parents offered their time and expertise through all phases of the project, from conception to design.   

We’d like to express a special thanks to the 2016-17 fourth grade students for designing the Playbook logo. Students interviewed the Project Zero research team, listened to their client’s needs and wishes, and submitted a series of design ideas following several rounds of feedback. Ultimately, Kerian’s piece was selected through a democratic, rigorous voting process :)

Project Zero

Project Zero is a research organization based at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. The core research team on the Pedagogy of Play project, and contributors to the Playbook, includes: Megina Baker, Katie Ertel, Mara Krechevsky, Ben Mardell, Jen Ryan, and Daniel Wilson. For more information about the people and projects of PZ, please visit  

The LEGO Foundation 

The LEGO Foundation relationship to the PoP project runs much deeper than mere funder. Per Havgaard and Bo Stjerne Thomsen from the Foundation have been thought partners throughout the process— moving fluently and graciously from digging into conceptual puzzles around the indicators and influences, to talking through places of resonance and dissonance with the Foundation’s core work. For more information about the people and projects of the LEGO Foundation, please visit  

PoP ART and PoP Advisory Board 

Designed into the structure of the Pedagogy of Play project are two advisory groups, whose main roles are is to help us (the PZ research team and ISB faculty) take a step back and see our research from a new perspective. Both teams have offered feedback at critical points in the project and on the Playbook. We are enormously grateful for their collective and individual voices.  

PoP Advisory Research Team  

  • Camilla Uhre Fog, Sidsel Overgaard, Sille Jensen, Charlotte Andersen: ISB 
  • Christian Hyltoft Hellum: Katrinebjergskolen, Aarhus (Denmark) Per Havgaard: The LEGO Foundation   

Advisory Board  

  • Susan Mackay: Opal School, Portland, Oregon (USA)
  • Matt Karlson: Opal School, Portland, Oregon (USA) 
  • Tiziana Filippini: Reggio Emilia (Italy)