Fees are paid monthly, except in July (11 payments per year). Fees are due by the 6th of each month and should be paid via direct debit to: Danske Bank, Reg. no. 3100, Account no. 3100268116

Fees (as of 1 August 2018) are as follows:

Kindergarten: 2620 DKK/ month

Primary School: 3020 DKK/ month

Middle School: 3020 DKK/ month

Please also note:

  • For P1-M10, school fees cover 200 school days per academic year, divided over 11 months
  • For information on Primary Holiday Care fees, please see Holiday Care
  • School fees include compulsory meals (lunch and two snacks)
  • Students can attend Breakfast Club and After School Club free of charge
  • Sibling discounts on fees will be 50%
  • Costs of school trips are not included in the tuition fees
  • Fees are paid in full month increments; we cannot prorate fees for students starting mid-month

Financial Aid

ISB does not directly offer scholarships or financial aid, but the following may apply:


Some ISB students may be eligible for a school fee subsidy provided by Fordelingssekretariatet (part of the Ministry of Education). The application deadline is in early September.

This subsidy is for parents of Primary and Middle School children whose annual income is below roughly 200.000 DKK (one child) to 230.000 (three children). The household income is the total annual income of both parents.

If you think you may be eligible for a subsidy, it is possible to apply through ISB once your child has been admitted.  More information on how to apply can be found in the Parents' Handbook.


Subsidies for Kindergarten are provided by individual municipalities.  You may apply for these directly from your home municipality (kommune) at any time. These subsidies are available on a sliding scale according to annual household income and number of children.  In recent years, households with income below about 510.000 DKK (one child) were eligible.  ISB cannot be of assistance in these cases: please contact your home municipality directly.


Click above to apply. Read more about our admissions policies here.