Lunch and two healthy snacks are included in ISB's school fee.  Lunch is prepared by Eurest, the same catering firm used by The LEGO Group, and managed by our school Chef de Cuisine. Snacks are prepared in-house and generally consist of bread, vegetables and fruit.  At lunch, food is served either family style or as a buffet, and a member of staff stis with students at each table.  The IB framework aims to devleop students who are "risk-takers." As such, we encourage students to try a variety of foods, while at the same time ensuring that they eat enough to maintain a good energy level throughout the day. We are prepared to manage minor allergies and other dietary requirements such as vegetarian/vegan, gluten/lactose-free, non pork/beef.  All poultry is halal. We are not able to provide food for students with life-threatening allergies when it requires that food is cooked separately.

In general, we try to avoid serving sugar-filled snacks and drinks at school, though we may allow them on special occasions, such as birthdays and other special events.

Because students have several opportunities to eat during the school day, we ask that they do not bring food or snacks from home.