The health and well-being of your children is of great importance to us.  The vast majority of our staff are certified in First Aid and CPR and regular health check-ups are provided by the muncipality's health care practictioner (see below).  For more information on health-related issues please see the Parents' Handbook.


The International School of Billund is covered by the municipality's healthcare programme for children. As such, we are able to offer the following services via our health care practitioner:

General programmes

  • P1: Examination consisting of individual health interviews including measurement of height and weight as well as sight, hearing and colour vision tests.
  • P2: Healthcare teaching programme – content and scope to be agreed with the school nurse.
  • P4: Health interviews, individually or in groups. Measurement of height and weight.

Supplementary programmes

  • Individual health interviews with children, young people and families with special needs.
  • Healthcare teaching initiatives arranged between the school nurse and the school administration – for example, group programmes for overweight children, sex education, etc.

The objectives of the health care practitioner are:

  • To provide children and young people (individually and in groups) with a range of programmes during their time at school to help ensure that they are able to relate to – and act appropriately with regard to – their own health and that of others.
  • To provide examinations designed to identify illnesses and/or developmental anomalies and to recommend appropriate remedial measures and treatment, if necessary.
  • To identify children and young people with special needs and focus more closely on them, in collaboration with other appropriate contributors.
  • To collect knowledge about the healthcare conditions in a class or at a school, with a view to advising teachers, the school administration and/or municipal partners, and to taking the initiative to launch relevant measures targeted at improving health at individual and group level.
  • To work with the school’s teachers and administration in the context of the children’s health

For more information about public healthcare services in Billund, in general, please contact:

Maria Sloth Christensen, Head of the Healthcare Service in the Municipality of Billund

+45 7972 7572 /


In Denmark dental care is free for children under 18 years of age.  This requires you to use the public school dentists in your home municipality. Within one to two months after moving to Denmark, your child will be called in for an appointment via a letter sent to you through e-Boks (Denmark's electronic mail system). Please be sure to cancel or reschedule the appointment if your child is unable to attend.