Holiday Care

We expect students to hold a minimum of four weeks of holiday per year, with at least two weeks held consecutively during the summer. While we understand families may need to travel outside of school holidays on occasion, we encourage you to plan trips in alignment with the holiday calendar as much as possible for the sake of your children's academic and social development.


As per Danish law, Holiday Care is available for Kindergarten students during most school holidays. 

For Primary students, Holiday Care is provided during the fall and winter breaks (weeks 42 and 7) and during four out of six weeks in the summer, based on a minimum of eight sign-ups.  There is no Holiday Care offered for Primary students during the central two weeks of the summer holiday.

Please see our holiday calendars for more information.  Note that students may be asked to bring their own lunch during Holiday Care.


Holiday Care is free for Kindergarten students (including the summer after K3).  Holiday Care for students in P1-P5 costs DKK 600 per child, per week (no sibling discount) or DKK 150 per child, per day.

Registration is binding as of the deadline (4-6 weeks before the fall and winter holidays and 10-12 weeks before the summer holiday) and payment will be charged the month before the holiday (all payments for summer care will be charged in June).  Missed days due to illness or otherwise will not be refunded.