Student Support

Our low pupil-teacher ratio and generous staff allocations ensure that children are well-supported at all levels. We provide intensive tuition in English for those arriving without sufficient fluency to effectively access the curriculum for their age-group.  Also, each department of ISB has a specially-trained teacher designated as well-being coordinator.  This person serves as the first point of contact for teachers and parents concerned about a child's well-being.  In situations requiring the support of trained counsellors or psychologists, the well-being coordinator will call on Billund Muncipality's PPS (Pedagogical Psychological Support) services.  PPS has a range of specialists: reading consultants, speech therapists, physiotherapists, special pedagogues and psychologists.  Parents will always be notified and involved in these cases. 

Student well-being is very important to us and we expect an open, honest and active collaboration with parents.  To ensure the best possible start for new students at ISB, it is critical that parents share any prior knowledge about diagnoses or known health/behaviour issues when applying. Also, please let the class teacher know if there are events at home that could affect your child's social or academic involvement.